Welcome to the Selcouth Blog

Written by Samantha Esquibel

Hello there! Welcome to the Selcouth Blog, one of the three Meraki Blogs run by myself, and Mehak Lally. In this post, I will entail all you need to know about us!

Who are we?

As mentioned previously, this blog is 1 of 3 blogs we run. For a quick preview on us co-presidents click here. Mehak and I are both students in the Lower Mainland, with a goal to share students’ passions for STEM. We are both looking to enter the field of sciences, though we’ll pursue different types of science.

Why are we doing this?

We are running this blog because we have a goal to share the passion of students like us through their work through writing posts for the blog. Each student that joins us has the right to showcase their hard work on a safe online platform. We as co-presidents, ask that as the audience, you respect the students and their work. Feel free to leave comments though! Some positive feedback here and there would be incredibly helpful.

How to join

If you are a high school student (age 13-18) in BC, and want to share your passion for STEM, and gain online exposure on work you’re proud about, contact us through email or DM us on Instagram, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you are (also) passionate about art and/or literature click DM our art blog (Elysian Blog) on Instagram and/or DM our literature blog (Reverie Blog). If you prefer to email us, our email stays the same for all three blogs. 

However, if you are outside our specified age group, don’t worry! We’ll be taking online submissions, but it just means you won’t be part of the actual volunteer writing team. 

Have any other questions? Email us or DM us on Instagram!

Check out our other blogs Reverie and Elysian!

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