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The Reverie Blog is Meraki’s literature blog dedicated to creating a platform for young writers to express their ideas. It is student-led and aims to provide an opportunity for students to share their literary works with the world. The blog was established with the goal of promoting creativity and encouraging students to explore their own writing talents. The Reverie Blog is a place for students to share their original works, which includes short stories, essays, poetry, and other creative pieces. It is also a place for students to network with other writers and share their work with a larger audience. The blog is a great resource for students to find inspiration and grow as writers. The blog is open to all students, but with an emphasis on high school students, and is constantly updated with new content. It is an excellent way for students to showcase their work and get recognition for their talents.

Guest Articles


A Heaven of its Own Hell – A Critical Analysis by Mary Treb Hibaya from The Social Canvas Magazine

Special thanks to The Social Canvas and Mary Hibaya for sending us this submission! If you or someone/some group you …

General Articles


Great Heart and the Three Tests: A Native Canadian Fairy Tale

Written by Francesca Calicdan Overview Folklore always had a hand in all things creative and entertaining. A kind of art …

Margaret Atwood: A short guide to her life and career

Written by Janvi Sharma Quick Summary Margaret Atwood, born on November 18, 1939, in Ottawa, Canada, is an esteemed author, …

Welcome to the Reverie Blog

Written by Samantha Esquibel Hello there! Welcome to the Reverie Blog, one of the three Meraki Blogs run by myself, …