About Us

The Meraki Blogs are student-led blogs in British Columbia, Canada. Run by two long-time friends, Samantha and Mehak, the pair strive to share the work of students like them on a safe online platform, whether through online articles they write or through their ePortfolio should some students wish to share it. 

The idea to start a blog started in the summer of 2023. Samantha wanted to do something for her last years of high school, and so, she planned out the basics of the blog, which consisted of only the Reverie Blog at the time. She knew for some time that she wanted to start a blog, but didn’t have the motivation to start one.

In July, Samantha decided she didn’t want to be the only person running it, and so, she reached out to one of her closest friends, Mehak, and asked her to be co-presidents with her. From there, the 2 decided to run multiple blogs, and for the duration of 4 months, planned out everything, found the right people to run the blogs under them, raised money to start it off, and prepared articles and Instagram posts for the first few weeks of the start of Meraki Blogs. 

The Meraki Blogs are made up of three separate platforms, the Reverie Blog, the Selcouth Blog, and the Elysian Blog. Meraki Blog is basically the parent blog and the other three are the children blogs. 

The Reverie Blog is the literature blog. There, it covers numerous things regarding literature, including, but not limited to, local authors, famous authors, book reviews, favorite books from select genres, folklore (Canadian and international), myths/legends, and history. 

The Selcouth Blog covers the various aspects of STEM. It includes topics about A.I, Machine Learning, Climate Change, local STEM celebrities, and almost everything in between! 

The Elysian Blog is the blog for the arts. The blog entails many things, such as local artists, famous artists, art events, art exhibit locations, art techniques/tips (photography, painting, sketching, etc.), and the history of art. 

Now here are the co-founders!

Samantha Esquibel

Hey there! I’m Samantha, co-president of the Meraki Blogs, and long-time friends with Mehak. I’m a student in British Columbia, Canada and am a proud jazz and concert band member. My love for music takes a big place in my heart. I’ve performed at jazz festivals, been adjudicated, and played with some of the best jazz students in the Lower Mainland. I’m also part of a band called SHILOH Praise – YouTube, where we do covers of Christian songs. Winter is the best season in my opinion, because wildfires in Canada are no joke. Like Mehak, I also have a love for writing and books (Percy Jackson!), though we enjoy reading different genres.

Mehak Lally

Coming soon…